Lake Activities That We Love

From Tubing to Swimming & Everything In Between

Depending on where you live, we know that it might not be possible to swing a beach trip every summer. But, if you live closer to a lake, or hey, maybe you even prefer the lake—a getaway here can be just as fun as a beach vacation! For anyone planning a lakefront adventure this year, we’re sharing our favorite lake activities from tubing, fishing, and kayaking to taking a dip in the best men’s swim trunks (of course).

1. Tubing

Hands down one of our favorite lake activities is tubing—how could you not love gripping an inner tube for dear life while you’re hitched on the back of a motor boat? We just hope the person driving isn’t trying to send you flying. Tubing is great for the lake because the water is typically calmer than the ocean, and the only waves being created are coming from the boat, sending the tuber on a rip-roaring adventure. 

2. Fishing

Lakes are a great place for fish to live, so there’s a good chance you’ll score an awesome catch here. Because it’s freshwater, different species of fish inhabit lakes compared to oceans, and it’s a prime spot to fish for bass, walleye, perch, and lake trout just to name a few. So, grab your fishing gear (and an ice cold beer), find a nice spot on the lake, and let the gentle current take you away.

3. Kayaking

If you’re not into whitewater kayaking, but prefer the lazy tide of a lake—kayaking is one of the best lake activities for you. A kayak is a canoe-like boat, sometimes featuring a closed deck, where a paddler sits to steer the way. Equipped with a paddle—and we suggest a life vest—you can spend hours on the lake, taking pauses in between paddling to enjoy the scenery and quiet surroundings.

4. Wakeboarding

Throw on the best men’s swim trunks on the market (cough, cough) for a great, chafe-free wakeboarding adventure. Much like tubing, but requiring a bit more leg strength, wakeboarders stand on a surfboard-like device that’s towed by a motor boat, and hold on to handles as they surf the waves. If you’re an experienced wakeboarder, feel free to attempt some midair tricks when you catch a serious wave, but for now, you’ll catch us just trying to not fall off—nevertheless, a great lake activity.

5. Swimming

And last but not least, a timeless activity and forever a DryFins’ favorite—swimming at the lake. Without the fear of sharks lurking below the water, or a riptide coming to sweep you away, you can enjoy swimming in a natural body of water that offers beautiful views and a relaxing place to wade with friends and family. Just don’t forget to wear the best men’s swim trunks to avoid chafing as you hop in and out of the water all day long.

There’s no doubt that there are just some lake activities that can’t be as thoroughly enjoyed in the ocean. Don’t get us wrong, we love the beach, but can you imagine tubing or wakeboarding on the ocean’s crashing waves? We can’t—or maybe we’re just not at that level of skill. We’ll leave the aerial tricks to the wakeboarding pros. This summer, if you find yourself at the lake with nothing to do, try out some of our favorite lake activities for an unforgettable experience, and check out our Spotify playlist for a set of tunes made for your day on the lake!

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