Men’s Swimsuit Styles

Although many guys think that there’s only one style of swim trunks on the market, the opposite is actually true. Throughout history, swim short and swim trunk styles have evolved from speedo briefs to more functional board shorts—not to mention the range of colors and patterns available to the modern guy. Whether you prefer men’s swimsuit styles that offer a tight fit, or you typically opt for comfort over flair, it’s important to keep a few things in mind while shopping for a new pair. First, get to know your individual needs and activity level. Then, understand what swimwear best flatters your body type. Still not sure where to start? Check out some of 2021’s most popular styles, and explore the world of chafe-free comfort.

Popular Swimsuit Styles in 2021

As summer quickly approaches, nailing down your swim trunk style is important because soon, you’ll be swapping your lived-in sweatpants for a pair of great board shorts. Here are a few things to consider this season:

  1. Length

This year, the most popular men’s swimsuit styles clock in right about two inches above the knee. This is the most flattering length as it can elongate the legs for short guys, and conversely, still cover up most of the legs for tall guys.

2. Waist 

Drawstring waistbands are IN (as they should be)! This handy feature is a super valuable asset for guys, especially if you’re carrying a few extra pounds and still want a proper fit. They give you the tools to adjust accordingly throughout the day—even if you have that extra burger at dinner.

3. Swim Short Style

There’s definitely a lot of flexibility here, so we suggest going with a color or pattern that suits you year-round. For example, if you often wear patterns, go for a cool Hawaiian look or pick some bold stripes. But if you’re into solid colors, choose a pair that compliments most of your shirts like a neutral blue, gray, or black.

Why Choose Chafe-Free Swim Shorts 

Perhaps more important than picking the right men’s swimsuit style is picking the most functional, comfortable pair. Our suite of chafe-free, moisture wicking swim shorts are equipped with a sewn-in liner that protects you against rash and irritation. Plus, they have a super soft exterior and dry fast which makes them perfect to wear wet or dry for those long days by the pool. And don’t worry, each pair also comes with an adjustable drawstring waistband that allows for maximum protection and security. Lastly, enjoy our trunks’ deep pockets with velcro fastening—just don’t forget to take your phone out before you dive in.

As you weigh your options for the best swim shorts and men’s swimsuit styles in 2021, we hope you’ll keep some of our advice in mind—especially if you want to stay chafe-free. Looking for more comfort-first advice from the Dry Guys? Read our blog about how to get rid of chafe, and the key to chafe-free clothing to learn more. 

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