Our Top 4 Cruise Lines

Visit Great Cruise Destinations And Suit Up With DryFins

With beach season winding down and cruise season gearing up, we’re giving you a list of The Dry Guys’ favorite cruise destinations so you don’t have to suffer in the cold throughout the fall and winter. A cruise wouldn’t be a cruise without a dip in the pool, a splash in the ocean during an excursion, or a taste of world-class food. But don’t worry, this list will get you prepared to have the trip of a lifetime—just don’t forget to pack your anti-chafing swim shorts, or you really won’t forget this trip. 

1.) Norwegian Cruise Lines

If you’re not one for a rigid schedule, Norwegian Cruise Lines is the cruise for you. Their “freestyle” cruising concept lets you do what you want, when you want, so you never have to worry about being late for an event or for dinner—perfect for a relaxing getaway. Norwegian cruise destinations include Africa, Alaska, Australia, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, and South America to name a few, so you’re never confined to a few locations. This cruise line also boasts award-winning entertainment and dining for every palate. Food options include all-American steakhouse and French, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and Brazilian cuisine. Indulge in unique shore excursions that only Norwegian Cruise Lines offer and flaunt your DryFins anti-chafe swim shorts while you do it. One thing is for sure—we like to cruise in style and comfort.

2.) Disney Cruise Line

Looking for a that’s perfect for you and the whole family? Choose a Disney Cruise to enchant your kids, or to bring out the kid in yourself. Relax amongst your favorite Disney characters, dine in luxury, and splash in pools adorned with water slides. Did you know that Disney Cruises have their own private island on select itineraries? Explore what feels like a hidden treasure when your family discovers a quiet island. There isn’t a shortage of destinations either—whisk the family away to places like the Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii, or Bermuda. Bringing the kids? Make sure you check out DryFins’ selection of anti-chafe swim shorts for boys before heading away!

3.) Royal Caribbean

Thrill seekers unite! Royal Caribbean cruises are ready to make your vacation memories last a lifetime with extravagant onboard activities and shore excursions. The cruises offer activities including rock wall climbing, waterslides, pool parties, scuba certification classes, shows, a casino, a popular nightlife scene—and even ice skating for the winter lovers at heart. They also feature a youth and teen program to keep your kids entertained while their aboard. Cruise destinations with Royal Caribbean include Europe, Alaska, Asia, and of course, the Caribbean. And trust us, there’s no shortage of dining options either—from complimentary dining experiences at Mini Bites, Cafe Promenade, and El Loco Fresh, to specialty dining venues like Jamie’s Italian By Jamie Oliver, Chef’s Table, and La Patisserie.

4.) Carnival

Sometimes we’re looking for a good party atmosphere while we’re on vacation, and Carnival Cruises give us just that! With a vast kid’s area full of cool activities like waterparks, a 4-deck-high corkscrew slide, and an in-air ropes course, this cruise never has a dull moment. However, if you’re looking to relax, enjoy a drink at the tiki bar, or put your feet up for a spa day. Travel to places like Alaska, Mexico, the Carribean, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Canada, or New England. Also, dine at fabulous, on-board restaurants like the Seafood Shack, Guy’s Burger Joint, and Emeril’s Bistro 1396. Regardless of what you choose to do, or where you go to eat, this vacation will be one big carnival!  

Chances are, you’re looking to get away soon and summer ending isn’t going to stop you. Any of these awesome cruise destinations will sweep you away to somewhere warmer and more fun, plus your family will thank you! If you’re prepping for your cruise and you notice you don’t have a pair of anti-chafe swim shorts yet, grab a pair of DryFins’ chafe-free swim trunks to ensure your vacation is fun and comfortable. Bon Voyage!

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