DryGuys 101: What is Chafing?

DryGuys 101: What is Chafing?

Some may know chafing all too well, while others are lucky enough to have never met this stubborn foe. But, for anyone who knows what it feels like, you may not necessarily know the science behind chafing. So, what does chafing mean? According to Healthline, chafing is a fairly common skin irritation that’s caused by a number of things like friction, moisture, and irritating fabric. During long periods of exercise or activity wearing the wrong attire, chafing can become painful—stinging, burning, redness, swelling, crusting, or even bleeding may occur. 

Additionally, when understanding what chafing is, it’s important to note the areas of the body that are most susceptible. It can occur anywhere, but groin, underarm, nipple and thigh chafing are most common, according to WebMD. Now that we have answered the burning (no pun intended) question about this rash, let’s discuss causes and remedies in a bit more detail.

What Causes Chafing?

Medical News Today outlines a variety of causes for chafing like being overweight, breast feeding, engaging in endurance sports, wearing improper clothing, and sweating. MedicineNet also suggests that anytime skins rubs against skin or fabric, the friction can cause chafing—so, knowing your body, what activities you participate in, and what actions trigger your body is key—it can be different for everybody. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what is good for chafing, and the DryGuys like to stick to this motto: “Prevent and protect at all costs.” Stopping a chafe rash before it gets worse is the only way to get ahead of the pain and irritation. However, there are a variety of prevention techniques and home remedies that you can use.

How Do You Get Rid of Chafing? 

So, what is the best way to stop chafing? First, be sure to dress right, stay dry, and apply lubricants before engaging in an activity that you think may cause chafing—you can learn more about these tactics by reading our blog article on how to get rid of chafe

But if it’s too late and you’re already suffering from the rash, there are a few things you can do to alleviate symptoms. For example, Verywell Health suggests doing the following to treat inner thigh chafing or other affected areas: 

  • Gently cleaning the affected area and patting dry.
  • Apply a cooling gel like aloe vera to subside any stinging.
  • Cover the area with some powder to reduce friction throughout the day.
  • Wear protective clothing that covers the chafe from further irritation.

In the heat of the (painful) moment, it’s easy to feel like you’re on an island wondering, what is chafing? You may even think you’re the only person plagued by this burden, but in reality, many people are just too embarrassed to talk about their own experience. Many folks like ourselves deal with chafing—that’s why we created a unique line of chafe-free trunks for guys! If you’re interested in more of our anti-chafe tips and tricks, check out our suggestions on chafe-free clothing, too.

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