Speedos vs. Men’s Swim Trunks

Speedos vs. Men’s Swim Trunks

How to Suit Up For Your Lifestyle

If you’re not a Speedo guy, but you see other Speedo guys and find yourself asking, “why do some people wear those?,” we’re here to help solve the mystery. First, it’s important to get one thing straight—Speedo is a brand, not a type of gear. Over time, the brand name has become closely associated with the style we’re all used to seeing and they’ve been considered one in the same. Kind of like Kleenex, for example. In fact, Speedo was first introduced in Australia in 1928 and has been popularized by Olympians, movies, and other aspects of pop culture. And, they’ve been puzzling guys like you for decades—should I buy Speedo briefs, or just go for the regular ones I’m used to? Let’s find out.

What's the Difference Between Speedos and Trunks?

Did you know that Speedo actually makes regular length trunks, too? We thought we’d settle that right off the bat. But, for the purpose of this discussion, let’s envision the short Speedos that first come to mind. Speedo briefs are ideal for competitive swimmers and divers. They are made of durable materials and fit tightly around the hips, minimizing extra fabric around the legs that create drag and impede speed and agility. On the other hand, regular trunks are equipped for leisure activities like lounging by the pool, body surfing at the beach, or flaunting on the boardwalk. Overall, many people see traditional trunks as more stylish, comfortable, and easy to throw on.

Advantages of Speedos & Men’s Swim Trunks

When it comes to regular trunks, they do provide more coverage and comfort when worn throughout the day. Additionally, they do a better job of protecting against sunburn since they cover more of the leg. Speedos, on the other side of the spectrum, also have their own advantages, but do they really make you a faster swimmer? We don’t have the data to support it, but we think so! They’re made from less fabric which can help enhance speed, and they are crafted specifically to support men who are participating in swim competitions.

Choosing Your Fit

Not sure whether you should buy a Speedo or traditional swim trunks? Consider a couple factors like occasion and comfortability. If you’re an average Joe looking for a swimsuit that’s versatile and suited for any activity, we recommend a pair of compression lined trunks—not only are they the regular trunk cut, but they’re also equipped with a sewn-in liner to keep you at peak comfort all day long. However, if you’re more interested in buying swimwear that will improve swimming performance and give you a leg up against the competition, Speedo briefs might be your best bet. Or, maybe you’re just really into European beaches….

Regardless of whether you choose a Speedo or a set of men’s swim trunks, it’s important to keep your body chafe-free at all times. Pair either style with one of our rash guard swim shirts, or learn more about the different types of swim trunks with liners if you’re still interested in browsing the market.

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