Test Run Your Chafe-Free Trunks

Are You Up to the Challenge?

So, you just bought a pair of chafe-free men’s swim shorts for some upcoming summer shenanigans, but you're eager to put them to the test now. You want to make sure they live up to the hype before you dive straight in—we get it! We challenge you to put your trunks to the test with several outdoor activities, giving you the chance to work up a sweat, and giving us the chance to show off our incredible chafe-free technology. Let’s go for a jog, shall we?

First, start by throwing on your DryFins men’s swim shorts and take a stroll around the neighborhood. In late spring, the heat of the day is warm under the sun, but the humidity hasn’t fully sunk it yet. However, taking a walk is still a great way to warm up and test them out. While walking, try to concentrate on how much cool comfort these men’s swim shorts are giving you—totally chafe-free, right? Okay, now you’re probably thinking—hey, this is just a walk, what if I was actually working up a sweat?

Alright, so start jogging if you really want to see how chafe-free our men’s swim shorts really are! Trotting around in these trunks will remind you of wearing a pair of those swishy basketball shorts, but way more breathable, we promise! After your last lap around the block, you’re probably blown away that you haven’t experienced the inevitable chafe yet. Yep, just what we thought—our men’s swim shorts passed with flying colors.

Still not convinced? Okay, tough guy, let’s kick it up a notch. Grab your chafe-free  men’s swim shorts and play with the kids outside. Maybe a game of tag or frisbee will do the trick and show you exactly what these shorts are made of. Even after hours of play and lying to yourself as you tell the kids, “Okay, just one more round,” you’ll notice that you’re still chafe-free.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to push the limits, maybe you should try just one final test. Hop on your bike and take a ride. Now you’re thinking to yourself, riding a bike in swim trunks? This is a recipe for disaster. But don’t make that assumption. Ride until your heart desires, and when you finally press the breaks, you’ll ask, how are these men’s swim shorts keeping me this comfortable all day? 

Read between the lining—that’s our secret. All DryFins chafe-free men’s swim shorts have a sewn-in lining that protects you from discomfort all day long. Whether you’re at the beach, by the pool, or enjoying a cookout, our trunks are your best defense against the infamous chafe dance.

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