The DryGuys' 2021 Travel Guide

Undoubtedly, the past year has been...weird, to say the least. But as we embark on a new year, we look forward to better days when we can be together and get back to traveling. Of course, we’re not naive to think that everything will all go back to normal in a snap, but travel during COVID can still be fun and safe! Throughout this year, we hope to serve as a good resource for all of your travel questions and concerns, keeping you informed and prepared as you plan. So without further ado, check out our 2021 travel guide!

1. Take Advantage of the Outdoors 

Without question, some of our favorite vacation memories take place outdoors—whether that’s taking a walk on the beach, biking around town to check out the local scene, or spending summers at the lake. Although travel during COVID can be tricky, opting for an outdoor adventure is a great way to have a good time while staying safe. Plus, there are endless options to choose from like hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, or maybe even ziplining if you’re the daring type. 

2. Visit Less Crowded Locations 

When you’re planning a trip this year, consider places that don’t necessarily draw a huge crowd during their off-season. For example, go to the beach in the early spring, or if you’ve been wanting to go to a mountain destination, visit in the heat of summer while everyone is flocking to the shores. This way, you can keep you and your family socially distanced without cutting out the fun! Not to mention, you might even like the experience more—if you ask us, avoiding large crowds can free up space to enjoy the destination distraction-free, and the off-season provides a chance to see stuff you wouldn’t normally get to!

3. Consider Your Transportation 

Travel during COVID has brought a lot of attention to public modes of transport, but one thing we know for sure is that, when possible, driving is your best bet. If you’re visiting somewhere that’s within a practical driving distance, consider packing up the car for an old-fashioned family road trip and limit your stops as much as possible. On the other hand, if you’re traveling internationally or somewhere across the country, contact your airline to get the details on latest protocols! 

4. Pack Smart & Prepare 

Before you head off, make a list of all of the items you want to pack like your chafe-free trunks, your boys’ chafe-free trunks, and some cool tees (just to name a few random things). Also, as you travel during COVID, be sure to pack a few basic hygienic products to keep you safe like masks, sanitizers, and wipes. Last but not least, if you’re renting a house or staying at an Airbnb, try to grab all of the food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies that you’ll need for the week so you can cut down on store trips while you’re there. 

Of course, travel during COVID can feel overwhelming, but you can still enjoy yourself and stay healthy. By following our 2021 travel guide, you’ll be in a good place to kick off your planning, and well on your way to having a better year. With all of that said—where to?

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