The DryGuys’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Tis' The Season of Chafe-Free Miracles

We all know that notoriously hard-to-buy-for guy in our lives. Every year it seems like you have to search and scrape for a semi-decent gift—and come Christmas morning, it’s far from blowing his socks off. But, what if we told you that you can give him a Christmas miracle? The chafe-free kind of miracle that keeps giving all year long. From winter getaways to sitting poolside during the summer, our holiday gift guide is specifically curated to help you choose the right gift for him.

1. Midnight Blue Chafe-Free Trunks 

These deep blue, almost mysteriously good-looking, chafe-free trunks transition perfectly from winter in the hot tub to summer in the sun. Not too bright and not too dark, this color is great for guys who like to be low-key. Plus, they’re available in boys’ sizes, too.

2. Paddle Boarder T-Shirt

Let’s face it—every guy can appreciate a good tee, and this one is a DryGuys favorite. Simple yet conversation-starter worthy, this graphic t-shirt showcases a paddle boarding bro with his dog set against a white, 100% cotton backdrop. Pair it with jeans or shorts for a casual daytime look, or throw it on as a cover up while you travel between land and sea. 

3. Sunset Chafe-Free Trunks 

Brand new to our line up, these bright orange chafe-free trunks are ready to say it loud and say it proud. If you know a real trendsetter or someone who just likes to have an unapologetic amount of fun, these board shorts are perfect. Combining a crazy amount of pigmented color, chafe-free interior lining, and a super soft outer shell, these trunks pack quite the punch. P.S. This color is also available in boys sizes!

4. Long Sleeve St. Thomas Shirt 

Help the beach-goer in your life carry some surfer vibes wherever they go with an unbelievably comfortable long sleeve tee. What’s better than a shirt that not only highlights St. Thomas, but also the recipe for a Painkiller cocktail—the perfect subtle nod to a certain someone who can’t get through Christmas without some of grandpa’s old cough medicine (if you know, you know). 

5. DryFins Gray Hat 

Looking for a final piece to compliment your other gifts? Throw in this lightweight, versatile, and minimalistic DryFins gray hat featuring our signature embroidered fin—it looks great on the beach and usually gets people to ask who you’re sporting. Well, we’re glad you asked!

Whether he’s a beach guy or someone who just likes to chill in the hot tub on a cold winter’s night, we still have something for everyone. And trust us, staying chafe-free and comfortable all day long really is a miracle—and if you don’t believe us, it’s probably because you’re the one searching for a thoughtful gift idea. So again, just trust us on this one...he’ll love these thoughtful gifts.

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