The Essential Lake Trip Packing List

The Essential Lake Trip Packing List

You need a lake packing list, which means you need to be prepared to have a blast. Check out our lake trip packing essentials—it’s a scorcher of a day and your family has the perfect answer, a day at the lake!

Maybe it doesn’t cross your mind until it’s almost too late...but there's some gear you need to take. The right lake trip packing list can literally make or break your day. Think about it. Nobody wants to be the guy waddling around after a long day in the water. Everyone knows that guy and that guy’s problem.

Or almost as bad, the blistering tomato face who burnt like a bad cigar. The best packing is often what we call “defense” packing. Whatever things will keep you from having the most tragic experience are likely the ones you need most. Since chafing and sunburn are at the top of the list, items solving those problems should be too! Find other inspiration for your attire and packing list here.

Must-Have Items

Here are our top 4 lake trip essentials and boat attire to keep yourself, or your man, comfy and happy. A happy man makes a happy clan...or something like that.

  1. Chafe-Free Swim Trunks 

Picture it. You spent the day having a blast; waterskiing, cornhole, swimming, spikeball, eating, carrying on. It’s early evening, the fun is winding down. You stand up and take a step and there it is. An awful chafing going on between your legs, and now you are stuck waddling around like an injured penguin. Save yourself all of the trouble and get some chafe-free swim trunks. Yes, the kind of bottoms you choose are important, and the chafe-free variety are essential for an enjoyable lake trip. 

2. Swim Shirt 

The swim shirt might be the most underrated item you need to take along for your lake trip. A problem everyone overlooks is the inefficiency of cotton shirts in blocking harmful UV rays. Although it can block some of the rays, that number drastically decreases once the shirt gets wet (and to be real, at the LAKE, how likely is some wetness?). The swim shirts we have do not just block the sun and keep you fresh, they also have a rash guard to prevent you from breaking out.

3. Hat or Visor 

Remember that whole sunburn problem? Yeah, don’t we all. That’ll ruin more than just your one day at the lake, it’ll ruin your whole trip. That’s where the right lake clothing can make all the difference. A hat or a visor is a great way to combat that issue, but they will also help your whole look. Hats are a great way to make a statement, improve your vibe, and keep the sunburn away.

4. Comfy T-Shirt 

Number 4 on the list is one that a lot of try-hards likely miss on. Rather than being comfortable and enjoying their day, these guys wear something skin tight and scratchy, or a button up for the swag—meanwhile, they’re really just uncomfortable. It does not have to be a choice between comfort and style though. With a comfy t-shirt, you really can kill two birds with stone.

By having these essentials on hand for a fun day out on the water, you’re guaranteed to not only enjoy yourself in style, but comfort as well. As always, ensure that you’re staying hydrated, taking breaks from continuous sun exposure, and most of all, having fun!

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