What Men Should Wear Under Swim Shorts

What Men Should Wear Under Swim Shorts

Exploring Different Options

There are multiple different options to choose from when trying to decide what you should wear under your swim shorts. From athletic compression shorts to cotton briefs or boxers, check out these do’s and don'ts for our best recommendations.

Two Must-Dos

Athletic Compression Shorts

Men who wear this type of garment underneath their swim trunks do it because they not only guard against chafing, but they also don’t move around as much as cotton briefs or boxers.  Additionally, athletic compression shorts don't trap things like sand as easily as traditional loose netting or mesh. When wearing board shorts while surfing, you don’t want any extra fabric to be in the way holding you back—mesh lining is meant for extra comfort and keeping things in place, yet it usually has the opposite effect and gets in the way. Best to steer clear and opt for compression shorts.

Speedo Briefs or Jammers

Men that wear this sort of gear under their swim trunks do it because it protects them both in and out of the water. Speedo briefs or jammers are specifically designed with special fibers that have moisture-wicking technology that combat any sweat or water on the body. Plus, they keep you from developing any kind of irritation on your skin when wet, and they secure everything safely without constant rubbing.

 Two Absolutely Nots

Going Commando

Men shouldn't go without wearing anything under their swim shorts. Going commando increases the risk for chafing and provides no support. Even worse, accidental flashing may occur—yikes.  There are way more benefits with wearing something like compression shorts or speedo briefs because they will protect you against skin irritation and rashes.

Cotton Briefs or Boxers

Our best tip? Don’t go with wearing cotton briefs or boxers under your swim shorts. Most men who do this actually end up slowing themselves down and intensifying their risk for rashes. The cotton materials that many types of underwear are made from are designed to get and stay wet, meaning they might provide very little below-the-belt support. They also lead to even more annoying and painful irritation...

Overall, there are several different options for what men should and should not wear underneath their swim trunks—there are pros and cons to each option, but just be mindful of what they are before you head out the door. If you’re interested in other ways you can help yourself stay comfortable, check out our blog for more information on the key to chafe-free clothes, or browse our collection of men’s anti-chafe swim trunks to find a style that suits you.

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