Why You Should Invest in Compression Lined Shorts

Why You Should Invest in Compression Lined Shorts

A Word From the Wise

When you think of compression lined shorts, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s that Spandex material that makes you feel super ripped, or perhaps it’s those Under Armour shirts and pants people wear to the gym—either way, these pieces of practical clothing are about a whole lot more than looking good. In fact, according to McDavid’s article outlining the benefits of having compression liner in shorts, they can help reduce muscle fatigue, prevent strains and soreness, improve comfort, enhance muscle oxygenation, and support recovery after exercise. And that’s just scratching the surface. Learn more about how men’s shorts with compression liner can positively impact you according to your lifestyle.

For Athletes

The first person who should be considering workout shorts with compression liner, if they haven’t already, are athletes. They should be wearing compression liners during workouts, training sessions, and games or competitions for several reasons—most of which have to do with how they can help support their body during strenuous activity:

  • Reduce fatigue during and after workouts, resulting in improved performance
  • Increase power and ability to jump
  • Enhance muscle oxygenation and promote blood flow
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Support the groin area

For Swimmers

For all of you swimmers out there, yes, compression lined swim shorts do exist, and yes—they should be worn. Just like football, basketball, or baseball players, swimmers are also athletes who compete in a sport, requiring maximum performance and optimal recovery. 

For Beach Goers

If you’re like most people, a day at the beach is full of activities, from swimming and surfing to beach volleyball. Keeping up the pace all day can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper gear to enhance comfort and muscle recovery. Board shorts with compression liner are a great option for guys that frequent the beach, and they even provide much-needed support for your groin—something that’s usually top of mind when bathing suit shopping. Check out our selection of trunks equipped with chafe-free compression lining for a great option.

For Runners

Last but not least, running shorts with compression liner are a must for guys who jog everyday, or for those who train more seriously for marathons. Not only will they keep you comfortable and supported for long stretches, but they increase your perceived level of exertion and reduce fatigue, helping you push past that last lap to victory. If you need some good recommendations on what to buy, check out this Men’s Health article for their top running shorts for men.

Identify with any of the guys described here? If the answer is yes, then now you know why investing in compression lined shorts is worth your money—make sure you spend some time looking for a pair that you like and that make you feel your best. Be sure to read our blog that covers different types of swim trunks with liners if you’re a swimmer or beach goer, and get the key to chafe-free clothing.

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