The Best Sun Protection Clothing

The Best Sun Protection Clothing

From Head to Toe

Sun protective clothing works really well because it not only protects your skin from exposure to the sun, but it also reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays depending on the material color.  But, what color blocks the sun the best? Light colored clothing is resistant to gathering heat, but less resistant to the sun’s UV rays. On the other hand, black colored clothing provides much better protection for sun blocking power, but it does attract heat. So, you'll probably be most comfortable wearing black on sunny, cool days, and white on hotter days. Interestingly, wearing the right color clothing can be better than sunscreen since you don't have to constantly reapply—it’s a true time saver!

1. Hats

Wearing a hat is a great way to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Typically lightweight, they help protect your head and face from burns on sunny days. They can also be worn as a fashion statement while teeing off at the course, going to the beach, or just cooking out at the pool with friends. Check out our selection of hats for some great options.

2. Visors

A beautiful day at the beach can get ruined if you have the sun in your eyes and some sunburn your face. Make sure to protect your skin and shade your eyes with a stylish visor. These adjustable and breathable visors are comfortable to wear, good looking, and will allow you to protect yourself in one simple step.

3. Swim Shirts

One of the best sun protective clothing that is out there is a swim shirt. This type of clothing protects your skin from harmful rays since it covers up exposed skin, and choosing the right color can help reflect harmful rays as well. They also can be used on land or in water where it helps prevent rashes and chafing. Whether you’re someone who's prone to a bad sunburn, or you’re a surfer trying to prevent chafing and irritation, there are several undeniable benefits to  swim shirts. Consider grabbing one of our swim shirts, or read more about why you should wear a swim shirt on our blog.

Overall, the best clothes to keep you safe from the sun include hats, visors, and swim shirts that reflect the sun’s rays. If you would like to learn more about clothes that keep you safe from the sun, here is a great resource: 25 Best UPF Sun-Protective Clothing Items for Summer 2021. And, check out our block for more information on chafe-free clothing and the benefits of compression wear.

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