Color Changing Swim Trunks

Color Changing Swim Trunks

The Newest Fad

Okay, picture this—you’re sitting on the edge of the pool wearing a pair of regular, solid-colored trunks when all of a sudden, you get splashed by someone in the water. You look down and notice that your swimsuit begins to...change colors? Right before your very eyes? What was once blue now appears to be turning a weird purple color. This anomaly and newest swimwear trend is booming. We hereby formally introduce you to color changing swim trunks.

While we specialize in chafe-free trunks for men and boys, some swimwear companies found their niche in other areas. Companies like Kameleon Swim, Drippy, and Sea’sons all offer their own unique iteration of color changing swim trunks, while some even offer trippy looking bikinis and one pieces for women. You may be wondering, does a pair of blue color changing swim trunks just turn to a darker blue when wet like every other bathing suit? Well, not necessarily. Something magical seems to happen as a pair of blue trunks suddenly turn pink, and a yellow bikini turns orange. We can’t really explain it either, but it’s cool to see happen and it’s definitely an interesting take on the traditional swimsuit.

Although we don’t offer swim trunks that change color when wet, we do bring unparalleled comfort, quality, and yes—style, too. Of course, a pair of color changing swim trunks might be cool on the surface, but they won’t necessarily keep you chafe-free and protected all day long. Our trunks are equipped with a sewn-in, no chafe liner that keeps things in place and guards against irritation. Plus, our exterior fabric is ultra-soft and fast-drying which probably can’t be said for our friends who are crafting those funky colored shorts. I mean, if the intention is to change colors when wet...wouldn’t they want them to stay wet longer? Maybe that’s just speculation, but you get the idea. Lastly, our trunks are designed with function in mind which is why they also include secure drawstring waistbands and deep pockets for your valuables. And don’t worry, we also offer a handful of popular colors and unique patterns from classic blue and orange to playful limited editions like our Jellyfish trunks.

Even if you’re not in the market for a pair of color changing swim trunks, we strongly suggest taking a walk on the chafe-free side this season instead. Packing for an upcoming trip and looking for some beach style inspiration? Read our blog for more tips, and learn more about the key to chafe-free clothing in general.

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