The Best Beach Styles

The Best Beach Styles

For the Men & Women

If you’re asking yourself, “Can I wear jeans to the beach?” you probably need some help nailing down your beach attire. To start, the answer is no—please don’t be that person, unless you’re wearing jeans to dinner at night. Secondly, there are much better options out there for men and women. Whether you’re wondering what to wear at the beach, or just want to know what’s in style, check out some of our favorite looks and wardrobe staples to get you through your trip.

Top Swimwear Tips 

For women, there are a ton of options that are available, from the simple one pieces to a casual bikini. Not to mention, the pattern and color options are seemingly endless. Our biggest tip for women isn’t so much what you wear in the water, but how you can make it work all day long. It’s important to wear what makes you comfortable and confident while you’re swimming and sunbathing, but to really soak in that beach lifestyle, you need to pack some layering items like a flowing kimono, bathing suit coverup, or a pair of shorts that can be thrown on top of your suit. Feel free to add the bells and whistles too with a pair of trendy sunglasses and an Instagram-worthy sunhat—wearing any of these items will help you achieve that signature beach style all day long.

For guys, our number one tip when it comes to choosing trunks is to choose wisely. Think twice about those outdated board shorts with the itchy netting, and definitely reevaluate your beach style if you’re thinking of grabbing a Speedo—unless of course you’re into that sort of thing. Opt for a chafe-free pair of trunks in a solid color or fun pattern. They’ll protect you from chafing while also keeping your style and valuables in check. DryFins’ swim shorts sit just above the knee and are equipped with handy pockets and a drawstring for the waist.

Activewear Beach Attire 

When you’re on vacation, you’re likely going to be staying active—whether that’s taking a long walk by the pier, riding bikes in town, or taking a morning jog as the sun rises. Be sure to pack some clothes that you don’t mind breaking a sweat in, but also make sure that they’re well-suited to guard against chafe. Learn more about the key to chafe-free clothes before concerning yourself too much with beach style. Luckily, staying active and wearing a pair of compression shorts or a sports bra look pretty much the same in any climate, so just keep temperature and comfort top of mind—no need to pull out the Hawaiian print bike shorts.

Beachy Clothing for a Night Out 

Learning how to look stylish at the beach is probably most important when you’re planning a trip to a nice dinner or outing with friends. Otherwise, we argue that comfort and wearability are the most important beach style tips we can offer. Again, for women, this category is super flexible. Wearing a simple sundress and sandals would be your best bet. Or, opt for a more dressed up look by going with a pair of breathable, light colored pants, a summer blouse, and a pair of flats. For the guys out there, a simple polo and a pair of khakis are great. And if you must, feel free to wear a pair of jeans (we see you).

From early days on the beach to memorable nights on the boardwalk, it’s important to know how to dress for all occasions while capturing the optimal beach style. Heading to a getaway soon and looking for other tips? Check out our blog to learn about beach etiquette for beach goers, and see what 5 places we think should be kept sand-free at all times. Still interested in beach attire options? Take a deeper dive into men’s swimsuit styles of today and from the past.

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