The 5 Places (And Things!) You Should Keep Sand-Free

How to Keep Sand Out of Short Swim Trunks & More

Beach advice of the season—what you should keep sand-free to make your beach trip a good one. Here are the 5 places and things you should keep free of sand, including your picnic basket and short swim trunks. Our tips on how to avoid pesky sand particles will keep you comfortable all season long. 

1. All Swimsuits, Including Long & Short Swim Trunks

There’s nothing worse than sand sneaking up in your swimsuit, but one way to help combat this is wearing long swim trunks rather than short swim trunks. DryFins inside liner also helps prevent chafing that can be worsened from water and sand. Ensure your swim trunks are the right size and aren’t too loose, this is another common issue that can lead to sand ending up in places it shouldn’t. These same rules also apply to boys swimsuits.

2. Picnic Baskets & Coolers

To keep your food sand-free during a beach day, make sure you bring along all necessary equipment for a good beach set-up: blanket, beach chairs, umbrella, paper towels, and wipes. Once sand reaches your picnic basket or cooler, it’s challenging to get rid of it. Our biggest tip is to make sure everyone wipes off their hands before opening any containers with food and drinks. Also keep these away from areas where kids may be running around and playing, like behind chairs or near the umbrella.

3. Beach Bag

Your beach bag generally holds many key essentials, sunscreen, cellphones, keys, wallets, goggles, and towels. Invest in a bag with several compartments to keep beach necessities away from important things like keys and cell phones. Another tip is to keep your phone in a plastic bag to protect it from sand and water. Lastly, keep the kids away from your beach bag to prevent sandy hands from digging around for toys or goggles.

4. Sunglasses

Have you ever dropped your sunglasses in the sand and had to spend the rest of the day flicking off particles of sand? Yeah, no fun. Invest in a handy pair of sunglass straps to keep them on your face while you’re running around with the kids or wading in the water. This is one of the easiest ways from preventing a drop in the sand or the ocean!

5. Your Car

If you drove to the beach, then you’re probably looking for some tips to keep your car sand-free on the way home. One way to do this is line the seats of your car with a sheet, something you can easily wash later on. Another option is to bring additional water with you so you can wipe off feet and legs before getting in the car. One of our favorite ways to do this is keeping a soft bristled brush in the car to wipe off the bottom of shoes with water. 

Don’t let sand ruin your vacation, follow our simple tips to keep sand out of these 5 common places. From your long and short swim trunks to the beach bag, it’s simple to prevent sand from ending up in places it shouldn’t be.

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