Our Tips for Creating the Best Beach Outfits for Kids

Our Tips for Creating the Best Beach Outfits for Kids

Planning out your beach vacation can be a challenge, especially when you have kids. Figuring out what to pack, what the hotel will have, what you’ll have to buy there, and convincing everyone to minimize what they pack is a bonafide full-time job. But, when it comes to your kids’ beach outfits and sun protection, there are some important must-haves that shouldn’t be left up to chance.

Keep reading for our six beach outfit suggestions for kids!

 1. Life Jacket

The first and most crucial part of any child’s beach outfit is the life jacket. Regardless if you are at the beach or the lake, safety is essential and kids tend to slip off into the water. When the inevitable happens, it’s important to have peace of mind that they will be safe with a life jacket. We like the HeySplash Life Jacket because of its reinforced buckles, larger armholes, and the whistle attached to it. Kids know that if they are scared, all they have to do is blow the whistle to get help.

Colorful child’s vest with reinforced buckles, adjustable straps, and a safety whistle.

2. Compression-Lined Swim Trunks

Our anti-chafe swim trunks are great for keeping youngsters comfortable and happy during outings to the water and on the beach. We got rid of the typical net lining, and took advantage of the many benefits of polyester to create compression-lining that works so much better!

Explore our collection of youth swim trunks and see how we upgrade your kid’s beach outfit!

Classic blue child swim trunks with compression lining.

3. Rash Guard Swim Shirt

Sunburn is a real problem, and kids rarely think about it until they are bright red and peeling days later. That’s why adding a swim shirt designed to provide sun protection is important. Our rash guard swim shirts are made with a special SPF 50 fabric, designed to protect kids' shoulders, arms, and torsos from the sun's harsh UV rays. There are other benefits too, like the fit. A looser fit means they stay comfortable all day, and the SPF 50 means they won’t burn.

We have a few options with different styles and colors, along with various sizes to fit every kid.

Loose fitting grey and blue rash guard swim shirts with SPF 50 fabric.

4. Beach Hat or Visor

While our visors may not fit the littlest of littles, older kids would benefit from a hat or visor to help shield their faces from the sun. When it comes to sun protection, head coverings are often overlooked in children's outfits, but it’s essential to keep the scalp and face safe from UV light. Due to sweat, exertion, or kids just rubbing it off when parents aren’t looking, sunscreen doesn’t always stay put.

Our visors feature an adjustable strap, so this beach accessory fits most heads. We have a few different colors as well, and they are both bright. Kids are easier to spot wherever they are on the beach.

Adjustable hads and visors in a variety of colors.

5. Water Shoes

These simple water shoes are suitable for girls or boys, and they are made of a comfortable, breathable material that will keep feet comfortable for longer. They help prevent sunburn on the feet and guard against accidents when kids step on rocks, seashells, and other debris on the beach. We also really like that they won’t trap moisture in, causing discomfort or blisters. Plus, they are lightweight enough that you can easily carry them in beach bags and totes without adding to the weight.

Ideal for the lake, pool, or beachside, water shoes make a great addition to any beach wardrobe!

A pair of black children’s water shoes with rubber soles and breathable fabric.

Girls’ Bathing Suit

One obvious beach outfit for kids is the bathing suit. We don’t offer swimwear for girls, but we did the research for you and wanted to tell you about this one! For girls that like something colorful, be sure to include a bathing suit made out of breathable fabric that provides sun protection. For example, this bathing suit is made out of recycled goods and features UPF 50 protection, guarding against the UV radiation that the sun puts off.

Look for bathing suits that are brightly colored, like the one pictured to the right. A study done by an organization in Australia found that brighter, contrasting colors could be easily seen when underwater, whereas darker colors tend to blend in with some bottom surfaces.

Colorful one piece bathing suit with reflective fabric.

Other Gear for Kids

Swim shoes, rash guard shirts, and trunks aren’t the only must-haves for your kid-friendly beach trip. There are a few other essentials that’ll help keep your kids protected from the sun, entertained, and help you stay…well…sane. Here’s our list of product recommendations!

  • Pop-Up Kids Tent. In addition to protective swimwear for kids, investing in a tent that is big enough for them to play in helps shield them from the sun, stay cooler, and give you peace of mind that they will stay put. You’ll always be on duty as a parent, but with a beach tent, you can relax just a little.
  • Beach Bag Tote. Whether it’s a lined cooler that’ll keep snacks and drinks cold for hours, or a mesh bag that keeps sand and water where it belongs, consider investing in a beach tote or two. This will help you stay organized and allow you to carry much-needed supplies, like additional kids' swim trunks or beach tees.
  • XL Beach Blanket. Relaxing strolls on the beach with a soft, salty breeze is a nice thought, but the reality often involves too hot sand and a funny tip-toe dance that leaves us glancing around for witnesses. Skip the impromptu dance and get a nice, big beach blanket that you can spread out and enjoy.

Selecting the right beach outfit for kids involves more than just shorts, shoes, and shirts. It’s sun protection, comfort, and safety as well. At the end of the day—or the beginning of the beach trip as it were—you want swimwear that provides sun protection while also being comfortable and promoting mobility for the kids.

Browse our collections for the best in kids’ swimwear, and take a look at the links below to read more topics related to kids, the beach, and vacation!

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