Our Top 8 Gifts for Men | DryFins

Our Top 8 Gifts for Men | DryFins

8 Ideas for Men’s Beach Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gift ideas for your tropical vacation, looking for that perfect gift for a birthday, or just because the guy in your life is awesome, we’ve got some great ideas. Sure, this is themed (we sell beach and lake stuff, and this is a beach gift guide) but most of these gifts can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time!

Keep reading to see what the DryGuys love and think will make the best beach gifts for men this year and beyond!

  1. DryFins Tiki Print Men’s Swim Trunks
    We’re obviously biased about this, but we think a colorful and fun pair of anti-chafe swim trunks are a pretty cool beach vacation gift idea. As luck would have it, we have those! These tiki print compression-lined swim trunks make an excellent gift for every guy out there that enjoys riding the waves or soaking up the sun lakeside.
  2. Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella
    Rainy beach days aren’t fun, but an umbrella is good for more than just a rainy day. Take, for example, a canopy umbrella! A quality canopy umbrella features side panels for more coverage along with wind flaps and ground stakes for securing the canopy flaps to the ground. What’s a great bonus with one of these beach gifts? If it features a sturdy pole that can be secured to the ground. It’s like a tent, but one that you don’t zip up and can enjoy the view of the ocean or lakeside on a camping trip!
  3. 2-Person Inflatable Kayak
    The real question here is who wouldn’t want a kayak?! While getting in and out takes some practice, kayaking is an excellent pastime and a great way to get an upper-body workout. It’s even more fun with a partner. One of the biggest challenges that adventurers face with kayaks, however, is the size. They can be bulky and hard to transport. That’s where an inflatable kayak comes in handy! As you browse beach gift guides and consider what the best gift for the guys in your life might be, consider an inflatable kayak!
  4. Gray DryFins Hat
    A hat goes really well with an inflatable kayak. We just happen to have those! Our gray DryFins hat fits most heads and the neutral gray color goes with a variety of outfits and accessories (including kayaks). It has an adjustable velcro strap and the DryFins logo on the front in white. Whether you’re at the beach, lake, football game, or you’re just looking for beach themed gift ideas, this hat is your classic ballcap that goes with everything.
  5. Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch
    We’ve all been there. That moment where your phone is tumbling toward the water and despite your best efforts, it hits the water with a splash. There’s a way to prevent that! A waterproof pouch protects your phone and in some cases, even allows you to continue to use it for pictures and games! Most waterproof pouches come with a lanyard for hanging it around your neck, and some even float, allowing you to retrieve that modern-day must-have accessory when it inevitably ends up floating on the lake, river, or with the beach tide.
  6. Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shirt
    What’s the greatest gift you can give a guy? Sleep, probably. But, one of the best beach gifts for men happens to be this shirt! Great for trips to the beach or lake (or anytime a guy sweats), this shirt helps prevent sunburns with SPF-50 protection, and it’s designed to stay cooler longer. Plus, it helps prevent rashes that develop as a result of being active on a hot, humid day. After all, a sunburn and rash isn’t the souvenir you want from a vacation.
  7. Water Resistant Watch
    While some people opt to not wear watches at all anymore, those who do have probably lost at least a few to water. Whether it’s washing your hands, forgetting to take it off before showering, or dropping it in water, it’s probably happened. That’s why a water-resistant watch is a valuable and appreciated gift for the watch wearer in your life. Though they may be slightly pricier, some watchmakers provide a warranty so wearers can feel more at ease.
  8. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    Beach vacations and day trips to the lake just aren’t the same without music. And, let’s be honest, a phone isn’t going to pipe out the tunes as well as a speaker. One of our favorite beach vacation gift ideas is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s important to get a waterproof one because accidents happen—with the phone pouch and water-resistant watch, you’re probably noticing a theme—and you want to make sure your equipment stays in working order.

What ideas do you have? We think these gifts for guys are great because they work for a tropical vacation, but also if you love that lake life, rafting, tubing, or anything involving water. Some of these gifts even work in the middle of winter at an indoor pool. If your guy is a little too young to appreciate a waterproof watch, take a look at our blog post, 8 of the Best Gifts for Kids. We’ve got some handy tips on how to pack all that fun stuff too in our blog post about packing light for a beach vacation!

We’d love to hear what you think and what you think the best beach themed gift ideas are!

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