3 Florida Destinations to Visit This Winter

3 Florida Destinations to Visit This Winter

The Best Destinations to Escape the Cold in 2021

Have the urge to vacation without wearing wool underwear? How about sunny Florida paired with DryFins’ swimming trunks with compression lining? Here are three destinations that are great if you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, beauty — or all three!

Least Crowded Beach: Sebastian Inlet State Park

Most people tend to flock to Miami, Orlando or Key West when exploring Florida winter destinations. But for adventurous folks who want to get away from the crowd and enjoy fewer people, bigger beaches and plenty to do, Sebastian Inlet is one of your go-to top beach holiday destinations! Sebastian Inlet State Park has everything your beach-loving heart could ask for with museums, pristine beaches, fishing, snorkeling, and best yet? Fewer people. This beautiful little piece of paradise is on the Atlantic coast, not too far from Orlando. So, if amusement parks are a requirement for your vacation, they are a day trip away. (Psst, you’ll be pretty active. Did you know that our swim trunks are good for active, beach-free days too?) Start your morning with coffee, a sunrise and the beach. End your day with a cocktail on the quiet dock!

Most Beautiful Area: Fernandina Beach

While more of a community than just a stretch of sandy, salty heaven, Fernandina Beach is easily one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches and beach communities out there. Visitors to this area can enjoy multiple beaches, including those on Amelia Island, and enjoy breathtaking views throughout the day. Come nightfall if you find that you’ve succumbed to sand chafing, you can go just a little north to get starry views away from light pollution and relax under the stars. If you’re looking for a picturesque beach to cross off on your Florida winter destinations bucket list, Fernandina Beach might just be the ideal choice!

Best Family-Friendly Destination: Islamorada

While Fernandina Beach is lovely, if you’re an island hopper or deep-sea fisher and you have dreams of being a snorkeler, then Islamorada is for you! Islamorada is made up of 6 islands and is right between the famed Everglades and the Florida Strait, so there are plenty of opportunities to charter a boat and act out your dream of living that open sea life—you know, for like a day. With things to do to satisfy the family adventurer, museums to pursue and plenty of places to stock up on Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with Islamorada as one of Florida’s top beach holiday destinations. Don’t forget though, sunburns are no joke. Check out this list of Florida-approved clothes to keep you safe from the sun and a vicious sunburn!

Florida winter destinations are popular during the chilly winter months and for a good reason! Nobody likes it when Mother Nature gives us the cold shoulder, so it’s nice to escape for a few days and enjoy some fun in the sun. If you’re heading south for suntans and sandy beaches, you really need to have the right gear. Our swim trunks come with a compression liner so that you’re not bringing back the zombie shuffle in December and you can truly enjoy your vacation without chafing and rashes. We have swimming trunks (and other awesome gear!) for men and boys alike, so get something for the whole family.

Have fun. 

Buy a boat.

Become a family of seafaring nomads. 

Or, just go home after a week with lots of cool pictures and souvenirs.

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