What to Wear Kayaking

What to Wear Kayaking

So you’ve scheduled your kayaking trip, you’ve got the kayak rentals figured out, and you know where you’re going. When it comes to any sort of water sport or activity, it’s important to have the right kind of equipment—and yes, that includes your clothing.

If you’re wondering what to wear kayaking, you’re in the right place. We’ll discuss the best kayaking attire based on the type of kayaking you’re doing, and where you are kayaking.

General Recommendations

Depending on how and where you’re kayaking, proper kayaking attire is going to look very different. For example, if you’re whitewater kayaking, you will need to focus on warmth, and if you’re kayaking in your local lake during the summer, you probably won’t be needing a wetsuit. However, there are some things that you should always include in your kayaking attire.

The three main recommendations for every weather condition are:

  1. Wear a flotation device. Sure, if you’re going kayaking, one would assume that you can swim. However, you never know what conditions you will run into, or if something might happen that would render you incapable of swimming. In these cases, a flotation device could end up saving your life. 
  2. Avoid Cotton. Cotton absorbs water easily and takes a lot longer to dry than synthetic materials. If you stick with synthetics, you can rest assured that you won’t be stuck sitting in wet underwear for your whole trip.
  3. Dress in layers. If you dress in layers, no matter the conditions, you are far more easily able to adjust to any changes in temperature. It is far better to dress in several light layers that you can easily remove than to just wear one big jacket that will leave you cold if you remove it.

 Lake Day Kayaking

If you’re just out for a nice day on the lake and you’re getting some kayaking in, you shouldn’t have to think too hard about the proper kayaking attire. Anything suitable for the water, moves well, and protects you from the sun will be perfect for this activity. 

One good option would be wearing a rashguard and some compression lined board shorts. Our shorts feature specialized anti-chafe material and compression shorts, making them perfect for any sport. Check out all of the benefits of compression liner on our blog. 

White Water Kayaking

Chances are, if you’re going white water kayaking, you’ve been doing this for a while, so you probably know what your needs are. However, the most important thing to think about with white water kayaking, or any extreme watersport, is warmth. 

It is surprisingly easy to become hypothermic even if you’re doing strenuous physical activity. Therefore, the best things to wear for kayaking in extreme conditions are wetsuits or drysuits. These will allow you to stay in the water for a lot longer without your body temperature dropping too low.

These are just some of the basic guidelines for what the best kayaking attire is, and that will be hugely dependent on what environment you’re in. If you’re interested in purchasing some of our high-quality, anti-chafe board shorts to use on your next kayaking adventure, feel free to browse our large selection of swimwear.

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